Saving Money On Industrial Equipment

Improving Efficiency Of Industrial Air Compressors: 3 Ways To Repair Leaks

Energy inefficiencies of industrial air compressors are mainly caused by leakages of air. In fact, studies indicate that as much as 25% to 35% of energy lost is from leaks, as a leak coming from a hole that is 3/8-inch in diameter in a system at 100 psig can cost up to $31,200 each and every year. If your factory relies on an industrial air compressor, being proactive and using an ultrasonic leak detector to look for leaks regularly can help improve overall efficiency and reduce operational costs. Read More 

Guidelines For Operating A Temporary Boiler On Commercial Property

When your company's boiler requires a major repair or needs to be replaced, you are at risk of losing many days of productivity which can negatively affect your bottom line. Before the inevitable happens, you should seek to build a relationship with a reputable supplier of temporary boilers in order to have reliable service during an unplanned outage or scheduled repairs. Use the following guidelines to help you devise a backup plan and survive using a temporary boiler. Read More