3 Reasons To Incorporate Handheld Scanners Into Your Warehouse

Managing inventory in a warehouse setting can be challenging. The right tools will help your employees keep track of incoming and outgoing products with ease. Since many products are equipped with a printed barcode, using a scanner can be a great way to digitally log the movement of product.

There are many different types of scanners available for use in a warehouse, but handheld scanners can provide you with some unique benefits that will improve the function of your warehouse in the future.

1. Handheld scanners are fast. 

Speed plays a critical role in the efficiency of any warehouse. Employees need to be able to quickly log any product arriving in your warehouse or leaving your warehouse in order to maintain an accurate inventory count.

A lot of time is wasted when bulky scanners must be used to record printed barcodes. A handheld scanner gives each employee the ability to scan barcodes with just the push of a button. By eliminating wasted time created when the scanning process is too slow, your workers can become more efficient.

2. Handheld scanners are accurate.

Accuracy matters when it comes to scanning the products that move through your company's warehouse. You need to know exactly how many items are in your inventory at a given time in order to maximize sales while minimizing the amount of money invested in fresh inventory.

Handheld scanners allow warehouse employees to track items as they enter or exit your warehouse more accurately. Because handheld scanners are easy to use, there is less room for operator error that might throw off your inventory count and lead to supply problems in the future.

3. Handheld scanners are portable.

A bulky scanner can perform the basic tasks required to track warehouse inventory, but these types of scanners must remain in a stationary position. Having to move all incoming or outgoing product to the scanner wastes time and resources.

Handheld scanners are small enough to be carried in an employee's pocket. This portability means that a handheld scanner can be used anywhere in your warehouse. Employees can reduce the amount of time required to prepare outgoing orders or log incoming products by scanning them as they come off warehouse shelves or delivery trucks.

If you want your warehouse to run more efficiently, consider investing in handheld scanners. These devices will allow you to minimize the amount of time and effort required to accurately track your company's inventory in the future.