3 Things To Know About Universal Couplers

When buying couplers, you can opt for either universal couplers that are designed for many uses or knuckle couplers that are designed for specific uses. A few things that you might want to know about using universal couplers have been listed here.

1. They Work for Many Applications

First, you'll want to know that universal couplers work for many applications. If you frequently have to buy couplers of different types for the different things that you're working on in your place of business, you might be hoping to make use of couplers that can be used for lots of different things. If you choose universal couplers, then you don't have to constantly worry about whether or not the coupler will work for the job that you're using it for, and you won't have to worry about keeping couplers of different styles on hand, either. Instead, if you keep universal couplers on hand, you'll know that you have the right couplers on hand for all different types of jobs.

2. They Aren't Always as Secure

Of course, because they aren't specifically designed for anyone to use, you should know that universal couplers are not always the best piece to use for a job. They might work, but in certain applications, they might not be as secure and might not hold up as well. This means that they may have to be replaced more often than if you used couplers that were designed specifically for the purpose at hand, particularly in more heavy-duty situations. Choosing well-made universal couplers can help with this some, though, so you won't want to buy the cheapest universal couplers that you can find.

3. They're Easier to Put On

Because universal couplers are more flexible, they are much easier to put on in many situations. You don't typically need specialty tools to use universal couplers, and you might find that the whole process of changing them is both faster and easier if you're using universal couplers. If you have found that you or your employees seem to get frustrated when swapping out couplers, choosing universal couplers might be the step you need to take to make things less aggravating.

Universal couplers are not right for every job, but they are pretty useful in many businesses where couplers are often needed. If you give them a try, you might find that you like them better than standard couplers, and you might find yourself using the universal couplers all the time once you try them out.