4 Types Of NEWCO Valves

If you work in an industrial setting surrounded by a lot of heavy machinery and things, then you are probably familiar with all of the working parts of the machinery that you deal with on a daily basis. Even though you may work with tons of components, you probably don't touch your valves all that often. Valves are responsible for allowing more water or air pressure into a system to help it function better. By turning the valve nozzle, you can usually adjust how much water or air pressure enters into a system. To help you become a little bit more acquainted with valves, this article will discuss four specific types of valves in a little bit more detail. Depending on the industry that you work in, one of these valves may be more applicable than another. Read on to learn a little bit more. 

NEWCO Cast Gate Valves

Gate valves are ideal for industries where you need to have 100% shut off power. With low-friction bidirectional flow, NEWCO gate valves can be operated in both a full-close position or a full-open position depending on what position you need it to be in. Specifically, gate valves are best used in industries and areas where minimum pressure drop is necessary because too much concentrated flow can result in damages. 

NEWCO Angle Globe Valves

If you work in an industry where you need unidirectional, controlled flow then angle globe valves will be the perfect thing for you. Typically, angle globe valves are easy to control, consistent, and repeatable which makes them ideal for throttling applications (unlike cast gate valves. 

NEWCO Stop Check Valves

Stop check valves are similar to globe valves except that there is no mechanical connection between the stem and the disc. Typically, stop check valves are used to prevent fluid back flow from the header when there is a loss of pressure in one of the areas. Stop check valves must be installed horizontally so that they are able to direct any back flow if there is a sudden and distinct drop in pressure.

NEWCO Swing Check Valves

Similar to stop check valves, swing check valves are ideal at preventing back flow. However, instead of preventing back-flow from the header, swing check valves restrict back-flow from the pipeline. 

These are just four types of valves that are used in an industrial setting. To learn more, contact a company that specializes in industrial equipment.