Got Torque? What You Need To Know About Agricultural Duty Motors

Farmers and agricultural professionals rely on powerful motors to drive their operations. From tractors to irrigation pumps, these motors must be up for the job when it comes to tackling the tough conditions in the field. However, not all industrial-duty motors are created equal. Some are better suited for agricultural applications than others. Here's a closer look at what makes an agricultural duty motor different and how they help keep your farm or commercial operation running smoothly.

What Are Agricultural Duty Motors?

An agricultural duty motor is a type of motor specifically designed to be used in agricultural applications. These motors are designed to withstand the harsh conditions found in most agricultural environments, including dust, moisture, and extreme temperatures. Agricultural duty motors also have a higher torque to pull heavy loads on the farm.

What Do Agricultural Duty Motors Do?

Agricultural duty motors are used for a variety of tasks in an agricultural setting. They are commonly used for running pumps, blowers, compressors, conveyors, augers, and other equipment needed to move large amounts of material steadily. In addition to providing power for these types of operations, they can also be used for powering irrigation systems as well as for operating heavy farm equipment, such as tractors and combines.

What Are the Benefits of Agricultural Duty Motors?

Agricultural duty motors are designed with features that make them more efficient than standard electric motors, and there are many benefits to using them, including:

  • Sealed bearings. Agricultural motors feature sealed bearings, which help keep dirt and other contaminants out.
  • Higher torque. Torque is the force that rotates a motor's output shaft. Agricultural duty motors generate more torque, which is important for agricultural applications that require heavy loads.
  • Energy-efficient. This type of motor is energy-efficient due to reduced friction generated by the motor's moving parts, which helps extend their lifespan significantly.
  • Corrosion-resistant. Agricultural duty motors are made from corrosion-resistant materials, ensuring they remain operational even in wet or humid environments.

Who Needs Agricultural Duty Motors?

Agricultural duty motors are most often used by farmers and ranchers who need reliable power sources for their operations. They can provide the necessary power for everything from irrigation pumps to conveyor systems. These types of motors are also used by professional landscapers and horticulturists who need to power their equipment in an outdoor environment.

No matter what your agricultural needs may be, agricultural duty motors can help you get the job done right. They provide an essential service to those involved in agriculture-related activities — from small family farms to large commercial operations — by offering reliable power sources that stand up to tough environmental conditions.

Learn more about using agricultural duty motors by talking with a supplier.