Why You Need Mobile Jaw Crushers

Mining companies need various equipment to extract valuable metals and other geological materials like limestone, sand, and rocks from the ground. Each piece of equipment is designed to carry out a specific task in the mining process. One of these is a mobile jaw crusher.

Essentials of Mobile Jaw Crushers

A mobile jaw crusher is an excavation and mining machine that miners use in open cast mining. This type of mining involves extracting minerals and rocks from the earth via an open pit, mainly when deposits are near the surface. This machine serves three primary functions in open pit mining: it crushes, sorts, and delivers materials to different places in the mining site for further processing. They crush materials using a pair of jaws, of which one is moveable and the other fixed.  The movable jaw reciprocates and squeezes materials against the fixed jaw, crushing the materials between them.

Why are Mobile Jaw Crushers Important for your Mining Company? 

1. Mobility

As the name suggests, a mobile jaw crusher can move from one place to another in the same mining site. Plus, you can easily transport them between different locations using towing trucks. Heavier mobile crushes are also available beside the light-duty jaw crushers, but you need heavy-duty vehicles to pull them. In addition, you can also dismantle a larger mobile jaw crusher for easy transportation whenever it needs long-distance transporting and then reassemble it at the new site.

2. Cut costs

Using a mobile jaw crusher eliminates the need for trams and trucks to transport materials to and from the crushing site. The reason being that these machines execute the crushing and sorting processes on site. That means once you acquire mobile jaw crushers, purchasing machinery solely for transportation becomes unnecessary.

3. Efficiency

Modern mobile crushers come with unrivaled levels of efficiency and reliability. Therefore, utilizing these machines lets you produce the exact amount of materials your customers need without compromising the energy supply to output ratio. Plus, you should always maintain the optimal efficiency of this equipment by oiling bearings, conducting yearly mainframe bearing radial clearance checks, and avoiding crushing oversized materials against the jaw's barrel.

4. Versatility

Mobile jaw crushers come with a myriad of capabilities that make them ideal for numerous uses in industries, like mining and quarrying, construction, ore processing, asphalt production, and demolition waste recycling. Besides, they can handle various materials, including basalt, granite, quartz, cobble, and other rocks and minerals.

5. Customization

Many manufacturers and suppliers can customize mobile jaw crusher parts like the fixed or moveable jaw plate and cheek plates to meet your company's particular needs and requirements. A customized jaw crusher is more efficient and, therefore, helps you meet and exceed your production targets.

For more info, contact a local mobile jaw crusher company.