Use Plastic Sheeting For Outdoor Cleanup Projects

If your yard creates a lot of waste, then you probably spend time carting that waste on the edge of your property for a trash crew to pick up. However, filling a wheelbarrow repeatedly and moving it across the property can use quite a bit of time. Consider adding clear plastic sheeting to your cleanup efforts, and you may save time and find the entire process much easier to execute.

An Industrial Supply That Has Many Uses

Plastic sheeting is often used in the construction and renovation industries. It is considered a protectant that will prevent dirty or liquid substances from coming into contact with new materials that are being built or upgraded. Plastic sheeting can also be used in outdoor settings and will aid with many property care projects that a homeowner would like to complete.

Plastic sheeting can be laid around the edges of a garden and will serve as an area for you to compile weeds or fresh vegetables that need to be transported. It can also be used as a lawn cover and will provide you with a suitable area to pile up leaves, fallen twigs, and other debris that you are clearing from your ground. When the weather turns colder and plants are subjected to below freezing temperatures, sheeting can be used as a shield, by draping the material over any plants that are threatened by the cold weather.

An Easier Way To Compile And Transfer Things

If your main priority is to get rid of yard waste, by raking your lawn or cleaning your gutter system, sidewalks, and patio, cut a few large pieces of sheeting and lay them out beside each area that you will be cleaning up. If you will be using a broom during part of the cleanup efforts, sweep materials directly onto the sheeting. For the raking of leaves, use a rake to create one large pile of leaves. Use a large shovel to transfer the leaves onto the center of a piece of sheeting.

Grasp one side of the sheeting and gently pull it and the leaves across your property. Once you have moved the leaves over to the edge of your yard, dump the leaves onto the ground. Collect waste from other parts of your yard and transfer the materials in the same manner. When you are finished cleaning up, dispose of the dirty pieces of sheeting. This should reduce the number of trips you need to take to dispose of your yard waste.

For more information about light duty clear plastic sheeting, contact a local supplier.