Helpful Maintenance Tips For Thread Gages

Thread gages are instrumental devices in that they help workers check the pitch of threaded objects. If you have some and want to keep them in great shape, remember the following maintenance advice.

Clean Regularly

When your thread gages get dirty with things like debris and residue, they can't effectively check the pitches accurately. That will throw off your measurements and isn't ideal moving forward. That's why you need to get in the habit of cleaning these gages regularly.

You don't have to exert a lot of energy when you use a pressure washer. It can spray pressurized water in the tiny grooves, helping remove whatever has built up over the months. As long as you clean your gages regularly before use, they should provide optimal pitch measurements every single time. 

Coat With Protective Film

If you want to ensure your thread gages hold up for many years, then what you can do is have a protective film applied to all of your thread gages. It's a thin layer that can keep your gages structurally sound.

These preventative films also are designed to keep the gages from rusting, which is great if you have a habit of leaving them outside exposed to the elements all of the time.

Even if they get wet, rust will not be able to set in and affect your gages' performance. That can save you a lot of money on replacement gages in the future.

Use Gages Correctly

Sometimes the best maintenance protocol for thread gages is simply using them how they're supposed to be used. You'll then be able to avoid a lot of issues, such as dents, scratches, and other structural problems that could affect how thread gages work at measuring pitches of threaded objects.

When lining up any sort of thread gage on an object, make sure you're gentle and don't exert too much force. Just line the gage up so that you can get your measurements and then take the gage off. Such a simple step will keep your gages in great shape for a long time.

Measuring pitches of threaded objects wouldn't be possible without thread gages. They are extremely important and if you have some in your possession, make sure you care for them appropriately. Steps like cleaning them on a regular basis and using them correctly can keep these gages in great shape and working like a charm.

For more information, contact a thread gage supplier.