A Look At Common Uses Of Cold-Rolled Steel In Manufacturing

Whether you are a general metal-product consumer or just have a basic interest in the different forms of steel, you will no doubt find yourself wondering about the differences between cold and hot-rolled steel. Cold-rolled steel is more commonly used in manufacturing processes because it has the ability to hold its tensile strength and surface finish better. This is due to the fact that the consistency of the steel is not changed much when it is pressed and formed at normal temperatures. To get a good idea of how useful cold-rolled steel is, take a look at some of the common manufacturing processes that involve this form of steel. 

Automobile Manufacturing 

Strength and the ability to stand up during a collision are two highly important attributes where automobile components are concerned. Therefore, cold-rolled steel is a commonly used material in the automobile manufacturing industry. From the metal that makes up the body of the vehicle to the interior components and engine parts, cold-rolled steel can be found throughout the average vehicle. This form of steel has the ability to be molded and formed to fit automobile manufacturer's specifications. 

Appliance Manufacturing 

The exterior shells of many types of appliances are created from cold-rolled steel. Appliances are typically expected to withstand temperature fluctuations, whether it is hot water in a water heater or freezing cold in your refrigerator. Cold-rolled steel works well in these applications because it has the ability to handle dramatic temperatures in one direction or the other. So if you take a look at the appliances you have in your home, there is a high likelihood that many of them have cold-rolled steel outer shells. 

Construction Material Manufacturing

Metal siding, steel roofing, and even steel trusses and steel framing are usually created with cold-rolled steel. Construction materials must be thoroughly tested for resiliency before they can go to market for consumers. Because the surface finish is important to retain with construction materials, cold-rolled steel makes the idea material solution. Not only will construction materials created with the cold-formed steel base material maintain its finish, it will work well in all kinds of climates and weather patterns. 

With so many different manufacturing processes relying on cold-rolled steel, it is easy to understand why this is one of the most appreciated forms of steel in the industry. If you have further questions about cold-rolled steel, make sure you stop in at a metal supplier in your area for more information.