Five Of The Best Hydraulic Hose Fitting Options

Hydraulic hose fittings need to be durable because they need to be able to handle a high amount of pressure. There are several types of hydraulic hose fittings that are commonly used. When trying to decide which fitting to select, consider whether the fitting has versatility that will allow for it to be used in a variety of applications. The fitting should have a pressure rating that will demonstrate that it is able to withstand the pressure that the fitting will be placed under. 

JIC 37' Flares

This is the most common type of hydraulic hose fitting. It attaches to either a flared tube or a hose fitting. They are ideal for situations where there is a high amount of pressure and vibrations. When tightened, they are designed to have the proper alignment. 

Inch Compression Fittings

This is a fitting used for hydraulic tubing. One of the advantages of this fitting is that it does not require a lot of tooling. The compression fitting options include:

  • Elbow fittings
  • Compression fitting nuts
  • Compression cap fittings
  • Compression bulkhead fittings
  • Compression union fittings
  • Compression cross fittings

These options available make it easier to find the perfect fitting for your hose. 

O-Ring Face Seals

This fitting is ideal if you are concerned about over-torquing or if you are concerned about leakage. This fitting comes with a capture seal that prevents leaking. This fitting comes with four parts:

  • A nut
  • Sleeve
  • O-ring
  • Fitting body

Each of these parts is assembled to provide a tight seal.

DIN Metric 24' Bite Type Fittings

This fitting has become more effective at preventing leaks thanks to an elastomeric seal for the mating surface. The seal also makes the fitting more reusable. This option comes with a finish that makes it more resistant to corrosion. 

NPT Pipe Threads

These are more traditional fittings. If you need a fitting for a low-pressure application, choose brass or black iron. If you need a fitting for a high-pressure application, choose stainless steel or high-pressure steel. This system is best used for low-pressure hydraulic systems or for high-pressure pneumatic systems. For a hydraulic hose, you will most likely be choosing the brass or black iron fitting. 

When choosing a fitting, make sure that you know the dimensions and pressure of your hydraulic tubing and to understand your hydraulic system. Then, you can choose a fitting that will not only not leak, but will fit properly.