3 Pallet Racking Accessories For Working In Small Spaces

To store your merchandise in a storage facility, you'll need to use pallet racks to make optimal use of the space that you have available to you. If there is limited amount of space in your storage facility, there's a good chance that you'll need to cram as many pallet racks as you can into a small space. With limited space to maneuver around, there's a high risk that the pallet racks may bump into one another or that your operator may bump into the pallet racks when moving them into and out of the facility. Because of this reason, you should highly consider having these 3 accessories around to further secure the pallet racks down and to protect your merchandise.

Safety Clips for Enhanced Security

Make sure that the pallet racks are secure on their shelves by inspecting them at least once a year by a qualified, SEMA trained expert. The expert should pay particularly close attention to the condition of the base of the beams and look for cracks and other imperfections. A solid base and foundation will be less likely to tip over and will ensure that the pallet racks last for years upon years.

There are a couple of different accessories that you can use to further secure the base of the pallet racks. In particular, safety clips are the most highly recommended, as they are easy to install and uninstall whenever necessary. They basically clip the base of the pallet rack to the shelves in order to provide extra security and support. If the pallet racks are going to be stored untouched in the same position for long periods of time, you can even opt for a footplate. These accessories are anchored to the base of the pallet rack and are made of thick steel in order to withstand certain sizes of seismic activity.

Wire Mesh Rack Guards to Protect Against Falls and Spills

Securing the pallet racks down to the shelves may not always be enough. If you are going to be stacking the pallet racks quite high, you should also consider installing wire mesh rack guards that will catch any merchandise that topple over. Wire mesh rack guards not only protect your merchandise, but also protect your employees in the storage facility, as the racks will prevent cargo from falling over and landing on someone.

There are plenty of different wire mesh rack guards you can choose from. You'll need to look at the size of the meshes, as well as how secure the entire guard is. Choose wire mesh rack guards that are to be installed over the entire pallet rack shelf, as they tend to be more efficient and effective in protecting against falls and spills.

Bumper Guards to Protect Accidental Contact with Forklifts During Transportation

When working in small spaces, there's a higher chance that your operators are going to end up bumping the forklift into the pallet rack shelving at some point in time. Even the smallest bumps can cause structural damage to the shelving, which in turn might compromise their overall integrity. Bumps can also cause the pallet racks to topple over. In order to soften any contact that the forklifts might have with the shelves, install bumper guards.

Bumper guards made from rubber or plastic tend to be most effective. They are easy to install and should be placed at all corners of the shelving.


Working in small spaces opens up your storage facility to more risks. You'll need to invest in additional accessories to further secure the pallet racks and your merchandise and prevent accidents from becoming disasters. For more information, contact a business such as Commercial Hardware.